10 Ways to Become Brand (Branding Vs Sales)

10 Ways to Become Brand (Branding Vs Sales)

Have you ever wonder what is Brands or how to become a brand.

In short, if you are a brand you have sales, Let’s dive in how to become brand

Why Branding is better than Sales? 10 Ways to Become Brand 

Being a Marketing Company Manager, I deal with many customers. And 95% of customers want sales. Sales fulfill the current need of a company, but long term sales are possible only by Branding. 

If I try to explain this to the client, the client agrees easily. But he urges us to do sales rather than branding. I understand to run a company, a client needs instant results. However, they should invest 30% of the promotion fund on branding at starting.

“The Truth is – People want to buy, they don’t want to get sold.”

When I am talking about the brand. You must be thinking of Coca Cola, Pepsi, Google, Apple, Microsoft and etc. Even if you never used Microsoft, but you have seen their advertisement somewhere on TV, Internet & Roads. Their slogan and advertisement create emotions on us and it reflects in our buying action.  

The top companies of the world DON’T sales, they BRAND themselves.

Branding Vs Sales 

Instant ResultsYes, It fulfills the instant need of money.No, It doesn’t fill the instant need of money.
Long Term ResultsActive income comes from it, also recurring & references can be obtained. After the brand establishment, it gives long term results. 
Advertisement Sales AdvertisementDisplay Advertisement
Long Term GrowthSales need on-going work. Definitely
People PerceptionOkayGood
Human Tendency for BuyingFew ChancesHigh Chances to Buy
Expectation HighModerate

“Brand is not giving instant results, but it gives forever results.”

What does a person think of a brand?

A brand is something that becomes part of our memory. Regular hammering through display ads makes human trust in any brand. The slogans, tags, advertising characters create emotion in the mind. 

“People forget what you talked to him, what you gave to him, but they never forget what emotion they get from you.”

Now, let’s check how to become a brand?

1. Logo – Make a logo that can represent you and never change your logo. Take lots of time to make. 

2. Slogan – Put a slogan in text and verbal form, which can generate a feeling for your brand.

3. Display Advertising – Do display advertising of your brand in your target area. You can choose Google Adwords, Facebook Advertisement, Road Advertisement, TV Advertisement and etc, according to your budget. 

Remember – If you can not show a daily advertisement to someone, it will fail. Suppose you have 1000 bucks to advertise, select a small town and do not stop your ads. If you have a higher budget you should go for city, state and then country-wise promotion. Start from a small location. 

4. Human Behavior – Understand your customer’s behavior for your brand. Observe the top competitor customers. What the customer wants from your product/service. “Give something new to your customer.”

Remember – If a person is going to travel a hill place, the hill place can be seen by him on Television or it may around him. But he goes to travel to see something new. Everyone wants something new, even Search Engines Bot. Serve them new and become Brand.

5. Content Marketing – This is very crucial to do regular content marketing. Supply the best possible and useful content to your user group through your website’s blog. Put a free email subscription form. Write twice a week and give a new and useful content through email marketing. 

Remember – Content does not mean only text. Content means text, image, audio, video, reference, graphics and etc. In your content, don’t just write information, try to teach information to your customers. 

6. Social Media – Put something useful daily in your social media pages like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Linkedin. It will alive your name forever in their minds. 

Remember – Don’t post about your product’s new launches, product description all the time. Give something useful which solves their problems, it will increase your reputation. 

7. Reputation Management – Check the review sites for your product/service category. Emphasize with people and if someone is writing to you, answer them. If someone is writing bad, try to solve their problem, why someone is feeling bad for your brand. Be active in this column. 

Remember – Most of the buying decision is taken after checking reviews.  Show your Testimonials

8. Google Business – List your business on Google Business with the correct address. Post something useful every day and attract customers. 

Tip – Increase your reviews by taking help from your old customers and colleagues. 

9. Feedback – Feedback has changed the world. A product or service can be improved only by feedback. We have lots of brands around us, they are brands because they take feedback from their customers. Get feedback from customers and improve your product or service. 

Tip – Make a small form from Google Form and ask your customers to fill the short form. If your customers are directly coming to you, get feedback in the paper. 

10. Greetings/Wishes – This is a very powerful method. Try to know the date of birth, the anniversary date of your customer. Wish through message, email or any medium. It will keep you alive in their minds. 

Tip – Send greetings and wishes through the internet or physical post on every occasion.

All the above tips will guide you in the way of becoming the brand. All these methods work on the real ground.

If you feel happy, comment it. I reply to all the comments. If you want to ask something, please ask me. I will answer for sure. 

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