Things to know before buying a Car Insurance

Things to know before buying a Car Insurance

Buying car insurance should be given just as much importance.
I think you’ve decided to buy your dream car and are working your way through the financing process, feels special, doesn’t it!

But wait a moment! Have you decided on car insurance yet?

Car insurance isn’t something that you should buy in a hurry or can buy later, but something that needs due diligence and is mandatory with a car, whether it is new or old.

Car Insurance

Take the information about it, if the same kind of information is also taken about car insurance, there can be a double benefit. One, it will get cheaper and secondly, the customer can get more facilities in this insurance.

It is better to know about Car Insurance first. If some important information is collected before taking vehicle insurance, then many problems can be avoided later. Therefore, it is important to know the 10 important things before taking car insurance.

Learn how different types of car insurance policies are Generally, people are not aware there are many types of car insurance policies. People often associate car insurance only with their car and their insurance policy. However,

Car insurance or any other auto insurance offers different types of policies to protect against different types of risks.

There are four types of origin. Third-Party Legal Liability -Comprehensive insurance -Personal accident cover -Add On Coverage Third-party insurance compensates for the losses of others (third party insurance for liabilities of others) If there is no insurance for a car or any other vehicle, then it is necessary by law to have third party insurance.

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Third-party insurance is an insurance policy in which compensation for damage to another person or property (including other vehicles) is compensated by the vehicle. Such damages also include severe frontal injury, disability, or death.

If you have not got third party insurance, then after such accidents you may be in huge financial trouble. Third-party insurance is beneficial even if you are driving a vehicle in the event of loss or if a member of your family, a friend or employee (driver) is driving the vehicle. However, third party insurance cannot claim for the damage done to the vehicle.

 Comprehensive cover for your own car insurance cover has to be taken separately to compensate for the loss for yourself and your car. This is called comprehensive insurance cover. Comprehensive insurance also provides compensation for loss due to accident and theft of the vehicle. When you have comprehensive car insurance cover, you can also get a claim on the damage caused by a natural disaster or human calamities. In such incidents, road accidents, car fire, natural calamity such as earthquake, landslide, Flood, storm-hurricane), Lightning, etc. Apart from this, claims can be found even after accidents like fire, riots, terrorist attacks, explosions, theft.

Personal accident cover for Yourself Personal accident cover can be taken by anyone in your car for other people. Personal accident insurance for other passengers is available according to the capacity of the seats present in the car. Additional covers through add-ons can be added for other risks. Vehicle insurance companies also offer some other small subsidiary insurance cover. These are called Add On Insurance cover. Every Add On gives you a new type of insurance cover.

Under this, even after changing a part of the vehicle, depreciation cannot be implemented and Zero Depreciation add-ons can be added to get full claim. Similarly, to lose keys, a separate add-on of insurance protection can be added if the tires are punctured, burst. Apart from this, add-ons can be added to compensate for damage to other valuable items in the car such as laptops, Led, music systems, mobile phones, etc. However, with every Add On, your insurance premium increases.

Don’t go for a cheap premium, see facilities (Don, t seek only low premium, long coverage) Do not buy any policy Based on low premium. Coverage should also be compared with that. Many times, good insurance coverage can be taken by paying a slight premium. Doing. Learn how car insurance premium is decided Car engine capacity (capacity of vehicle) The premium of your car insurance (Car Insurance) is decided based on the cubic capacity of the car.

Know Insured Declared Value of the car The insurance premium of your car depends on its Insured Declared Value. The Insured Declared Value is the maximum amount you can claim. No Claim Bonus Can lower Premium Those taking car insurance get a No Claim Bonus or NCB in exchange for not making any Claim during the year. Because of this, you can reduce your vehicle insurance premium by 5 to 10 percent. However, only a maximum of 5 years No Claim Bonus can be availed. Reduce premium from bundled car insurance (Bundled car insurance for Lower Premium) If you have more than one car, you can take bundled car insurance (bundled car insurance). By taking such bundled car insurance from any one insurance company,

You get a discount on the insurance premium of all your cars. However, this is possible only when all the cars are of the same name. It is not necessary to take insurance from the dealer (Dealer’s insurance Offer is not compulsory) When buying a car, car dealers also try to give insurance. Usually, all car companies combine insurance with some insurance company, and also provide insurance policy with the vehicle. However, it is not necessary for you to get such insurance.

You should know the plans of some good insurance companies. After this, the plan which you find the best according to your needs should be taken with the car only.

Make sure of the cashless facility (Cashless Facility at the Affiliated Garage) While taking car insurance, complete information about a cashless facility should be made. This facility is available for cashless treatment only. In this type of insurance, vehicle insurance companies offer cashless repairing. But, they provide this facility in the same garages with which they are connected.

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