Why Digital Marketer should start Video Marketing?

Why Digital Marketer should start Video Marketing?

Video Marketing Strategy

Before we start to tell you video marketing 2019 tips, you should consider these facts. Video marketing is the best way to sell and to inform customers because 87% of internet consumptions are through videos. 

Fact 1 (Understanding Level of a Person)

20 years ago, a person understanding speed was 16 seconds while watching whereas it is now decreased to 8 seconds. It shows digital marketers have less time to engage customers and if video developer takes more than 5-10 seconds to engage, the customer may skip the video. While YouTube Advertising, in 5 seconds top marketers show their brand name and benefit of a product/service. 

Fact 2 (Usage of Videos)

Secondly, the average person, mobile usage time is 200 minutes per day which may be increased by 300 minutes per day in 2020.

According to Merchdope (https://merchdope.com/youtube-stats/)

YouTube gets 30 Million visitors per day and 1,000,000,000 views per day and till 2025 half of the TV Viewers under the age of 32 years will not subscribe to TV.

Are these facts are boring? Being a Digital Marketer, it’s eye-opener facts. If you are still depending on old strategies. Think twice, your smart competitors are thinking from a different corner.

Till now, we found that we should do Video marketing, now let’s move how we can do video marketing. 

Video marketing strategy steps

  1. Make a video wherein the first 5 seconds, you speak your brand name and top benefit of your service or product. 
  2. Make animated or real video which attains people. 
  3. Ask an important question to viewers at starting and give a solution of question by your product or service. 
  4. Make small videos, if the video is going long then ask people “Are you getting bored”, move your attention here and give something special. 
  5. According to your product/service, keep an audio tone either “enthusiastic”, or soft tone. 
  6. When you upload a video on YouTube, there are many options to adjust your video in a perfect way. 
  7. YouTube Title should be attractive and description should be informative. Tell people to like, share, subscribe and hit the bell icon. 
  8. Share your videos through social media facebook, twitter, Instagram and WhatsApp
  9. Start YouTube Ads of your video to get more visitors because only sharing does not increase your video views. Target specific people in your Ads. 
  10. Never Stop your testing. If one video fails, make another
  11. Always try to engage with your audience, for example, replying to the comment, asking your audience on which topic they want video and much more stuff.

After that, you want to know what are the best applications which are free or paid for your video marketing. I am giving you Android and PC Video making applications list. 

Android Video Making Apps 

According to fossbytes.com – I am sharing you

Top 10 list of Video editor apps of 2019

Now let’s move to Windows, Mac and Linux Video Editing Software for you. 

Top 10 list of Video editor – Windows, Mac, Linux Video Editing Software

Use apps or software according to your needs. And make your video. Upload your video in almost all video websites like Vimeo, Dailymotion, youtube even in social media. 

Five Ways to Grab Customers’ Attention

  • Explainer Videos
  • Client Interviews
  • Custom Videos
  • Promo Videos
  • Business Profiles

I hope I covered all the details, let’s take a look at what you learned. 

  1. Why Video Marketing is Necessary?
  2. Video Marketing Facts
  3. Video Marketing Strategy
  4. Video Making Apps & Software 
  5. How to grab customer’s attention?


Video marketing is crucial for you even if you are selling a service or product. 72% of people learn about a product or service through videos according to Hubspot. 72% is not a small data if your video is still not available on the market. Make one this week and upload it in YouTube and embed it in your website. Use my guidelines and share your video in my comment box. 

If you got the useful details, convinced and learned about video marketing. Please comment and feedback me. Don’t forget to share this article. 


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