Why didn’t Ravichandran Ashwin Mankad out Aaron Finch in Delhi Capitals vs RCB match?

A lot has changed between the Mankad controversy of 2019 when Ravichandran Ashwin who was the KXIP skipper then mankaded Jos Butler and today.

Back then, Ravichandran Ashwin was playing for KXIP. No one in the KXIP management or staff seemed to be much concerned much about Mankading.

Ashwin might be believing that Mankading is right but maybe he wouldn’t have took such a step if he wasn’t the captain of KXIP. KXIP wasn’t a strong team last year. And in such circumstances, he might have taken this step to take his team to victory at any cost. Being a captain of a relatively weak team, winning was his priority back then.

Now, Ashwin is in Delhi Capitals and isn’t a captain anymore. Not being a leader now, he can’t do whatever he feels right. He has to listen to his captain and his coach and follow their instructions. And coach Ricky Ponting had sternly told that no player would be allowed to Mankad (without a warning first) as long as they are in Delhi Capitals.

  • Ashwin obviously didn’t want to risk his place in the team by Mankading.
  • He wasn’t concerned about the result of the match if he doesn’t Mankad. That’s not his responsibility now as he isn’t the captain anymore.
  • Back in 2019, he was under pressure being a captain of a weak team. Jos Butler was in a red hot form that day and could have easily changed the course of that particular match if he wasn’t dismissed. So Ashwin did that to win the match. Now he isn’t directly liable for the outcome of the match.
  • Also, as they say, “When in Rome, do as the Romans”. The DC support staff especially Ricky Ponting doesn’t support Mankading as it isn’t supposed in the “Spirit of the game” (Leaving the crease before the bowler bowls too isn’t in the “spirit of the game” but Ponting isn’t concerned more about that).

So Ashwin didn’t Mankad Aaron Finch as it wasn’t favorable for him. On the other hand, he could have lost his place in the team if he did so. So he did what he was instructed to do and what was favorable for him. Right or wrong, spirit or no spirit, Ashwin would have gained nothing being a rebel by Mankading Finch. Simple.